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Last Nights

It’s a funny feeling, saying goodbye. 

It washes over you like a big swell in stormy seas; the realisation that this person you’ve spent so many special moments with, is leaving. The white caps foaming as you realise you may never see them again. 

It’s amazing how close you become to one another when living on an island, your tent just metres from theirs. 

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Janie Wray
Rescuing a Stranded Transient Orca

It was 7:30am when we received a call from Eric Keen on his vessel the Bangarang. Eric is conducting a study on fin whales in the area and we work quite closely with him on our research. We had been travelling back from Hartley Bay towards Whale Point when he alerted us that a juvenile transient orca had just beached herself on the shore of Andrew Rocks. From his description it sounded like her family had been cooperating as a team hunting for seals. She had positioned herself near the rocks waiting, almost motionlessly, while her family chased a seal in her direction. It must have been a miscalculation on her part because as the tide went out, she found herself stuck and unable to move.

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Janie Wray