BC Whales
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Our research is possible only with your support!

The BC Whales team will use every means possible to collect data on the populations, movements, food source and essential habitat use of orca, humpback and fin whales along the north coast. All three species are threatened under the Species at Risk Act (SARA), and they have the propensity to migrate along identical routes that has been proposed for LNG tankers to traverse through. It is essential to demonstrate that these waterways need to be protected for whales and certain regions need to be designated as critical habitat or marine protected zones.

Your valuable contribution enables us to reach these important goals  by supporting the  study of whales along our coast, revealing the social relationships between individuals and determining which parts of the coast are essential to their survival.  

Your donations allow us to continue both our land-based and marine surveys, sponsor internship programs, and build capacity within First Nation communities. Additionally, your support makes it possible for us to be on the water to assist whales that have become entangled or stranded.

Help us protect whales to ensure that they will be here for generations to come.